Special Courses and Summer Courses

We offer the following special courses for different participants and different skill levels:

German for university studies - prep course for a semester abroad


German for university studies - prep course for a semester abroad


Online Prep Course
September 6th – Oktober 1st, 2021 at Kiel University

A collaboration of  the Department of German as a Foreign Language / Key Skills Centre and the “International Center

The International Center of Kiel University and the Department of German as a Foreign Language / Key Skills Centre offer a preparatory online German course, which is primarily intended for exchange students and students of English-language master’s programs. If there are still places in the courses after those groups are signed up, then foreign Ph.D. students may also sign up.

The course occur before the winter term and thus enable an early introduction to the German language. The course takes place over four weeks from Monday to Friday in the morning from September 6th to October 1st 2021. 5 ETCS points can be acquired upon successful participation.

Levels A1 to B1 are offered, into which the participants are divided after a placement test. Beginners without knowledge of the German language are automatically assigned to the A1.1 course.
The German course comprises 22 hours per week, including a four-hour regional and study-related aspect through the module „Insights into live and studies in Kiel“.

The course will consist of online lessons in video conferences via common platforms (Zoom, BigBlueButton) as well as sessions of self-study via the university‘s internal learning platform Olat. This courses will work with the Spectrum coursebook series from the Schubert publisher. The corresponding
course book has to be purchased as a print book or as an e-book before the course begins.

The course fee is 180,- Euro. The number of participants is limited, a minimum of participants must be reached in order for the course to take place.

Registration deadline is August 8th 2021.

Please do the placement test before registering and fill in
the results of the test in the registration form.
Link for the placement test:


Please fill out the the attached  registration form completely and send it by mail to:
Artur Shageev
E-Mail: ashageev@uv.uni-kiel.de

Link to the international center page

International Summer Course

Every year in summer the International Center is organising the well-known International Summer Course. This course is particularly designed for students worldwide who would like to improve their German language skills as well as to inform themselves about Germany (language, society, nation and culture). The programme includes German classes, lectures, excursions and appropiate accomodation.

Please visit the website of the International Center for further information about this course (course programme, registration, fee) .

The Department German as a Foreign Language is organising the language classes. In order to be assigned to the appropriate level, all registered students need to take an online placement test prior to the start of classes. After registering for the course, participants will be informed about the placement test process via e-mail. Please note: The test can only be taken once and should be accomplished within 45 minutes. Any form of assistance during the test is NOT permited. Shortly before the course starts, students will be informed about the results achieved and further details about the lessons.



Program InterTeach

The "InterTeach Program" (short: InterTeach) is a programme of professional training designed for qualified teachers, who obtained their educational attainment abroad, but wish to practise their profession as an employee for a teaching subject in Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel University offers this programme for qualification to teach at the Gymnasium level.

The management of the programme is carried out by the Institut for Lehrerbildung: https://www.zfl.uni-kiel.de/de/forschung-projekte/interteach

The language module consists of intensive courses for C1 and C2 and is completed with the final exam of the C2 level for teaching profession. 

You can find more information about the exam here. (German version only)

You can find information about registration here. (German version only)


contact person:

Jacqueline Wassing
Leibnizstraße 4
24118 Kiel
Tel. +49 431 2639

Intensive German (A1.1) in September

The target group for this course is primarily students of English speaking master programmes at CAU starting in the winter term 2019/2020. This Course offers the unique chance to acquire some basic German in September thus providing an early start before the official semester starts. This course takes place Monday to Thursday over a period of 4 weeks from 2 to 27 September. 6 ECTS credit points can be awarded after successfully completing the course. The registration period is from 1 to 15 August via our homepage

www.zfs-daf.uni-kiel.de -> Registrierung Portal.



Compact course A1 in winter term

This course aims at all those at CAU with no previous German and interested in fast learning. Intensive language classes cover the whole of A1 level (instead of normally taking two semesters) and offers the unique chance to acquire a sound basic German fast. On three days a week participants will learn for 3 hours each day and cover both A1.1 and A1.2 levels. The registration period is from 15 August to 15 September via our homepage

www.zfs-daf.uni-kiel.de -> Registrierung Portal.

Courses organised by the German-Norwegian study center

Here you find information about the German-Norwegian Study Centre (DNSZ).


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