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As in past semesters the Department German as a Foreign Language offers complimentary German classes for the following target groups to give support in your study or research programme as well as in everyday situations at Kiel University or anywhere else in Germany.

  • Students of Master Programmes held in English/German
  • Students who are enroled for a study programme without degree at Kiel University (e.g. scholarship holders (ERASMUS, DAAD, city of Kiel) or the so-called “free-movers” studying only for one or two semesters)
  • Visiting scientists and Post docs and PhD students
  • Academic staff and employees at Kiel University or associated institutes

Courses are being offered at different levels. Students will be assigned to classes according to their language needs and proficiency based on the results achieved via an online placement test. There are classes available from beginner level (GER A1/A2 level), through intermediate level (GER B1/B2 level) to advanced level (GER C1/C2 level).

A 12-weeks period comprises a total of 72 teaching units. Classes are being generally held on two evenings per week with 6 teaching units in total. Classes missed due to national holidays or else will be caught up on at the end of the course.

For all courses there is only a limited number of places available.

Certificates/ ECTS credit points:

5 ECTS credit points are awarded to all attendants who do not exceed 3 times of absence and comply with the obligatory home work assignments and tests. All students being enroled at Kiel University need to register expected ECTS credit points as an exam via the POS system.



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